Imminent Drift was created in collaboration with two separate composers Victoria Vasta and Bryan Curt Kostors and realized in collaboration with lighting designer Dan Weingarten. 

Creating the music:

After discussing immigration in the U.S. and our current governments stance on limitations, Victoria used sections from the Bill of Rights as a basis for her vocal section of the music. These are the extrapolated sections she used:

The Bill

1.     Make no law respecting. Prohibit the free exercise of speech and of grievances.

2.     Being necessary, the right of the people shall be infringed.

3.     No time of peace. Consent of war, prescribed by law.

 4.     Unreasonable search and seizures, no warrants. Persons to be seized.

5.     Deprive of life, liberty, or property with just compensation.

6.     All accused shall be committed (in His favor).

 7.     The right of trial by jury shall be reexamined.

 8.     Cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

 9.     The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall be construed to deny or disparage other retained by the people.

 10. The power is delegated to the United States, not the people.

Bryan created his sections of the music separately from Victoria:

Preliminary Lighting Ideas/sketches with Dan Weingarten. The inspiration for the “stars” and the framing of the family portrait.

Lighting Imminent Drift.jpeg