Jason Chu, Hip-Hop Poet/Spoken Word Artist - Triptych:  Experience in Defiance

Mark Hadley, Composer - Bully, desiccated earth/California

Bryan Curt Kostors, Composer - Memory Lapse, Girl,Get Off, Concert Walls, Imminent Drift

Victoria Vasta, Composer - Imminent Drift

Lap Chi Chu, Lighting Designer - Girl, Get Off, desiccated earth/California, Bully

Dan Weingarten, Lighting Designer - Supremacy Ride, Triptych:  Experience in Defiance, Imminent Drift

Ruth Fentroy, Costume Designer- Bully, This Facility is Being Monitored for Your Protection and Security, Out of Life

Stephanie Luckey - Costume Designer - Supremacy Ride, Concert Walls

Leslie Karten, Costume Designer- desiccated earth/California

Claire Townsend, Costume Designer - Obviam Somes, I-5, Windmills

Velwynn Yossy, Costume Designer - More Please

David Hwang, Graphic Designer/Visual Artist - logo

Reiley Johnson, Graphic Designer/Visual Artist - Promotional design

D. Love, Tallworks, Graphic Designer

Erik Lohr, Visual Artist/Videographer/DJ- Obviam Somes (video/visuals)

OmniSpherica, VR360 producers