Please support the performance of live music for Imminent Drift on March 9, 2019. 

Watch the complete video to learn more about the collaboration between Artistic Director/Choreographer Laurie Sefton and Composer Bryan Curt Kostors.

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Bryan Curt Kostors and Victoria Vasta have created the score for our new work Imminent Drift. We are raising funds to have the music performed live on stage with our dancers.  Live music means a full immersive experience for our audiences. This is Ms. Sefton’s 4th collaboration with Bryan Curt Kostors who created the primary parts of the score, along with Victoria Vasta’s unique vocal section of the work.  The music is a rich emotional journey with references to heritage, home, immigration and our position as a country built on immigrants but currently torn by diverse views.  The concept of Imminent Drift has been created around the idea of having the musicians and singers performing live onstage and is integral to the work.