Dance has the power to be an action of change.  It acts as a lens magnifying concepts through abstraction and physicality, translating intangible ideas into movement.  choreography decodes emotional content and viscerally affects those who experience it.

Resident choreographer Ms. Sefton's work is personal emotional and issue-based.  She offers audience members crafted experiences and creates purposeful visceral images where there is room for audience members opinions, perceptions and conclusions.  Each work is infused with a great deal of content, which leads to complex and dense choreography.


 Photo by Denise Leitner

Photo by Denise Leitner


Triptych:  Experience in Defiance

Premiere:  Nate Holden Performing Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA  2018

Spoken word Accompaniment:  Written and Performed by Jason Chu


Supremacy Ride

Premiere:  Nate Holden Performing Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA  2018

Costumes Design:  Stephanie Luckey


Edge of the Sky

A film in VR/360

Shot on location in the Santa Susanna Mountains, Summer 2017

Produced by OmniSpherica

untitled-75 copy.jpg


Girl, Get Off

Premiere: Nate Holden Performing Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA  2017

Music:  Bryan Curt Kostors

untitled-288 copy.jpg


desiccated earth/California

Premiere:  Cowell Theater, San Francisco 2016

Music: Mark Hadley

Costumes:  Leslie Karten

ML CB arabesque (345 of 407).jpg


Memory Lapse

Premiere: Diavolo Performance Space, Los Angeles, 2015

Music:  Bryan Curt Kostors


Werk Work

A site Specific work

Premiere: Private Event, San Francisco, 2014




More Please

Premiere:  Ann and Jerry Moss Theater, Santa Monica, 2014

Costumes:  Velwynn Yossy

Clairobscur_2014237 copy 2.jpg



Premiere:  Peery's Egyptian Theater, Ogden, Utah, 2013

Music:  Mark Hadley



Obviam Somes

Premiere:   ARC Pasadena, Pasadena 2011

Costumes:  Claire Townsend and Laurie Sefton



I-5, Windmills

Premiere:  ARC Pasadena, Pasadena, 2011

Music:  Sasha Matson

Costumes:  Claire Townsend

Term Vein GT crop.jpg


Out of Life

Premiere:  Highways Performances Space, Santa Monica 2009

Costumes: Ruth Fentroy




This Facility is Being Monitored for Your Protection and Security

Premiere:  Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica 2009

costumes:  ruth Fentroy







Crawl Xipe Totec

Premiere:  Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica 2009 - Schoenberg Hall, UCLA, 1986