Concert Walls was commissioned by the Music Center as a site specific work for the 2018 Moves After Dark at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Artistic Director Laurie Sefton envisioned a work that could not be experienced in it’s entirety without multiple viewings. Original live music composed by Bryan Curt Kostors.

Early Demo of the score:

A complex work due to the space. A great deal of planning of the flow of dancers was required.

Laurie’s notes

Laurie’s notes

Page 23 of the written score:

Page 23 of the score.png

Planning the Audience Traffic flow:

Audience Path Detail V2 copy.jpeg

Images of the site

IMG_3116 copy.jpg
IMG_3075 copy.jpg
IMG_3070 copy.jpg
IMG_3113 copy.jpg
IMG_3073 copy.jpg
IMG_2968 copy.jpg

Early Choreography and attempts at the wall walking section with dancers Ellen Akashi, Isaac Huerta, Sophie Diamond and Clay Murray.