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Clairobscur Dance Company is the instrument upon which Laurie Sefton crafts her dense and detailed choreography. Her work is issued based in which each issue is presented through an emotional lens, grounded in versatile athletic prowess, yet topical and timely.  Marked by a high ratio of movement to time, her dances are created where the body is used as a canvas, medium and inspiration.  Clairobscur is committed to creating, producing and directing original work, collaborating with other artists and bring new viewers to the world of dance.


Clairobscur Dance Company was founded by Artistic Director and resident choreographer, Laurie Sefton.  Its name is the French translation of chiaroscuro, a 17th century painterly term which means an effect of contrasted light and shadow created by light falling unevenly an object.  Movement is often obvious, (the light) but also contains a subtext (the shadow), which must be sought out and discerned by both the creator of movement and its spectator.


Photo by Laura Williamson

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